About Us

At PAS-SG, we believe people and experience make a real difference in the success of projects both large and small. Our customer focused culture starts with our leadership team, who are committed to providing the highest level of service to customers.

Over the last 20+ years, our team has helped top-tier carriers and TPAs, as well as regional carriers, implement their enterprise PAS platform by providing a broad range of business and technology services. And our Data Migration team has successfully performed over 70 migrations and converted millions of Life and Health policies, consisting of a broad range of products.

At PAS-SG, we want our customers to expect results and are proud of our strong track record for meeting and exceeding our commitments to our customers.

Leadership Team

Jeffrey Brocco, Principal

Jeffrey has over 25 years of experience in all aspects of insurance-related IT, including project management, systems architecture, systems design, development, implementation, and data migration. Primarily focused on providing insurance system solutions that help customers overcome business challenges, Jeffrey has comprehensive knowledge of both traditional and non-traditional insurance products. Prior to founding PAS-SG, Jeffrey was the head of Development and Solution Architecture with InsPro Technologies.

Tim Savery, Principal

Tim’s career in the insurance industry has spanned several decades, ranging from leading software development teams to development of a policy administration system designed for a major insurer, as part of a regional consulting firm. Throughout this time, he built a wealth of domain expertise in both group and individual insurance products, making him a respected and trusted subject matter expert to colleagues and clients alike. Prior to founding PAS-SG, Tim was a solution development leader and instrumental in guiding large-scale client data migrations for InsPro Technologies.

Dianne Reynolds, Director, Business Delivery
Dianne held various IT and Operational Management positions at insurance carriers, consulting firms, and solution providers throughout her career. Her responsibilities ranged from quality assurance to product development to management of large-scale special projects across a broad range of insurance products, allowing her to build an incomparable repository of insurance product knowledge. Prior to joining PAS-SG, Dianne was responsible for managing InsPro’s Business Solutions Group, and worked closely with clients to ensure delivery of solutions that met each client's specific business needs.

Brian Henry, Director, Business Delivery
Brian has an extensive background in product management, business analysis, and training, built over the course of a career that has included working for insurance carriers, solution providers, and consulting firms. Whether mentoring up-and-coming talent in management roles, or providing hands on, day-to-day management of client projects and deliverables, Brian has always excelled throughout his career. Prior to joining PAS-SG, Brian was responsible for the product direction of InsPro Enterprise, with particular focus on the Senior Health and Voluntary markets. He worked closely with clients to ensure InsPro's business solutions team was aligned with clients' needs and delivering quality solutions.